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The Puzzle Paradise Company is a start-up family business, a small group of enthusiast puzzlers in everyday life. We are always looking for rare puzzles, keep our eyes on new arrivals, and our aim to transform this page to a real Puzzle Paradise where everyone - beginner or professional already - can find their next to-do puzzle. On the way while our site is growing, hoping to invite more manufacturers to be our partner and your partner also, by helping us to have more available brands on offer so please bear us in your mind, keep checking our site and our Facebook page too for news.


Better Problem-Solving Skills

Puzzles helps to creatively solve problems and think critically

Increased IQ

It improvements to our vocabulary, memory, and overall reasoning

Lower Stress Levels.

Puzzles always challenge us, they also help us to relax.

Improved Mood

They increase our brains’ production of dopamine.

New Arrivals

Art - 2000 Pieces - 4716 - Jewel of the Garden
Art - 1000 Pieces - 5184 - Dinner in New York
Art - 1000 Pieces - 4648 - Endless Love
Bluebird - 1500 Pieces -70379 - Colorful Lollipops

Featured Puzzles

Sunsout - 1000 Pieces -31405- Bigelow Illistrations - Peace River
Cobble-Hill - 1000 Pieces -80175- Melanie Delon - Onde
Eurographics - 500Pieces -6500-5454- XXL Pieces - Yoga Spa
Castorland - 1000pieces -104031- Arrinera Hussarya GT